Synthetic Corrosion Inhibitors

Highly-concentrated and economical, Master STAGES™ synthetic corrosion inhibitors leave a thin, water soluble film to provide one-to-two months of rust and oxidation protection. Clean and very low foaming, Master STAGES synthetic corrosion inhibitors are barium-free with very low V.O.C. content.

Master STAGES ™ NOCOR ™ S2

Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor

Master STAGES™ NOCOR™ S2 is a synthetic, water soluble, ferrous corrosion inhibitor for short-term storage or shipment. Effective at concentrations from 3%—10% in water, it provides a very thin, water soluble protective film.

    • The transparent film left by NOCOR S2 is easily removed and will not interfere with additional machining, gauging, or assembly steps
    • Barium-free and contains very low levels of volatile organic compounds as applied

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